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GreenAssured® is ITA's proprietary certification program for environmentally compatible window fashion products within the Meridian Home® brand. The program is supported by independent laboratory testing, using internationally recognized, officially sanctioned protocols. To become certified, products must meet strict environmental criteria including airborne chemical emissions and the ecological impacts of the sourcing of raw materials, especially wood.
   ITA developed and implemented the GreenAssured program in response to growing international awareness and concern about the effects of household products on indoor air quality, and the impact on local ecological systems of harvesting endangered or threatened species of trees for wood-based products.

What factors does the GreenAssured program measure?
Both hard and soft window covering materials are tested for emissions of airborne chemicals cited by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) as dangerous to health and safety under the Superfund Amendments and Reauthorization Act, Section 313 (SARA 313), as well as particulates, other potentially harmful substances, and recyclability. To achieve certification, products must comply with emissions limitations and other standards as listed below (detailed technical data available on request):
  • Total aldehydes, including formaldehyde
  • Volatile organic compounds (VOCs)
  • Respirable particulates
  • Heat-induced off-gas emissions
  • PVC content
  • Recyclable material content


  How are GreenAssured products tested?
Product emissions are tested in controlled environmental chambers using guidelines established by the American Society of Testing Materials (ASTM), specifically ASTM D5116-97 and D6670-01. By modeling the ratio of exposed surface area to room volume, these test methodologies simulate actual conditions found in “real world” indoor environments and provide reliable, predictive results of product emissions and chemical exposures.
   The testing is performed dynamically, as fresh product samples are exposed to controlled pure air streams within the environmental chambers for up to one week, and the exhaust air is sampled and analyzed for a wide spectrum of chemical emissions. Data are collected on emission volumes, emission rates, and predicted air concentrations.
   For wood-based products, a separate “chain of custody” evaluation is performed under environmentally responsible forest management guidelines established by the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC). Products sourced from certified forests are identified, labeled, and tracked from the point of origin to downstream users. Companies seek FSC certification as a unique credential that verifies to consumers that they support forestry consistent with FSC standards.

Why choose GreenAssured products?
The GreenAssured program brings substantial added value to a growing number of window fashion products under ITA's Meridian Home® brand. ITA is committed to expanding its range of GreenAssured certified products; for information on currently available GreenAssured products, contact your ITA sales representative. The GreenAssured logo is your assurance that the product will be preferred by customers who share our values of corporate responsibility and environmental awareness.

GreenAssured® and Meridian Home® are registered trademarks of ITA Inc.